how it works

There is no cost to you for our services. Our client companies pay us a fee to assist them in identifying, attracting and securing appropriate candidates to suit their current needs. Your information is kept in strict confidence and is only used for the purposes that you request. We will only submit your resume to an employer once permission has been given by you. We do not share our database or otherwise distribute information about you to any persons, companies or organizations.
We are not a company that is focused on filling our database with endless resumes in an attempt to impress. We are a dedicated search firm, we will only approach you if we have something to talk to you about. If we have contacted you it is because we have an active, current search assignment that we are working on and we believe that it might be something that could interest you or someone you may know. If, for whatever reason the opportunity/s that we discuss in our primary conversations are not suitable, with your permission we will maintain your contact information in the event that we have an opportunity in the future that better suits your goals.

You will benefit from our experience and insightful advise throughout the process of your search, and while we cannot guarantee that we will place you in your next opportunity we are confident that your dealings with us will be very positive. Many of our current clients, and hiring managers were once candidates that we assisted in their own job search. Some we placed, and some we did not - but either way our relationships have continued to strengthen.


We work on a project by project basis with our client companies. Most often we are working exclusively and on a confidential basis. We do not advertise our positions on job boards or in the newspaper - the vacancies that we fill truly represent the hidden job market. Each assignment is given maximum attention and as a result we are not an agency that has openings in all types of positions, at all levels, at all times. We will not always have positions available in your job category, however when we do have a position that suits your background you can feel confident that you will have excellent representation as our recruitment professionals will also be speaking directly with the key decision makers within the client company. This one on one approach ensures that the information you receive, and the information that is provided to the employer is accurate and up-to-date. Also, in this way we are better able to answer any questions or concerns that you or the employer may have about a potential employment opportunity.
We encourage you to submit your resume so that we can familiarize ourselves with your profile and be ready to react when the right opportunity is available.
Please submit your resume in word format to;

interview tips:

Here are a few basic things to think about when you are preparing for your interview.

1) Be sure to bring multiple (2-3), clean, updated, current copies of your resume.

2) It is a good practice to arrive approximately 5-10 minutes prior to your schedule interview time, this confirms to your interviewer that you are prompt, reliable, and ready for your meeting. There is no benefit to arriving 20-30 minutes early and it has the potential to backfire.

3) Maintain a professional appearance. Business attire for men and a conservative suit for women.

4) Be sure to research the company before your interview - beyond their website itself. It is quite common to be asked - "What do you know about our company." or "What is it about our company that appeals to you." Prepare insightful questions related to the company and position before your interview.

5) Quite often the interviewer will detail their needs and company characteristics in the interview, and new information will come to light - make note of the key points where you feel you could help the company and wait until an appropriate time to summarize your strengths with those points as the focus. Don't jump in each time you feel compelled.

6) Prepare an introductory statement. What are the key things that you want to say about yourself. In your statement explain clearly, who are you, what you have accomplished, what your key strengths are, and why you are interested in the opportunity.

7) Eye contact is important but keep it natural, it is not a staring contest.

8) Keep all comments about previous employers positive. Even the most difficult of employment situations are a learning experience and facing and overcoming challenges is an important part of any career progression.

10) Be positive, show your enthusiasm, smile - this is your time to shine.

11) At the conclusion of the interview restate your interest in the position and be sure to thank the interviewer for their time.

12) Be prepared to provide three employment references. Contact the references you have provided and let them know that they may be contacted.

13) Be sure to contact your recruitment consultant immediately after your interview to let them know how things went. Your consultant will be following up with the interview soon after your interview and it is in your best interest that they are able to relay your enthusiasm and interest in the position at that time.

14) Prepare a follow up thank you letter and email it to your recruitment consultant to be forwarded to the interviewer within 48hrs of the interview.