about partnering

As a recruitment organization conducting a search on your behalf we see ourselves as a business partner, in affect acting as a representative of your organization. We do not take this responsibility lightly and as such we ensure that our methods, techniques, words and actions represent your organization in a respectful and professional manner. Further to this we will not leverage our connection to your organization to enhance our firms image. In fact many of our clients appreciate our ability to conduct highly successful, exclusive, confidential search campaigns which result in a successful hire without alerting internal employees, unqualified candidates, or their competitors. We are able to conduct the most thorough, all encompassing and specifically targeted search with only those that are choosen to be interviewed by our client being aware of who our client is. If for some reason you prefer to conduct the preliminary interview without devulging your organizations name - that can be, and has been done successfully as well.


The cost of making the wrong hiring decision is drastic in terms of lost productivity caused by the vacancy, the added distraction of the hiring manager, the expense and resources assigned throughout the training process, and potentially negative effect on other staff and the department or company's moral. That is why it is crucial that a dedicated professional with a singular focus be assigned to tackle this intensive task. If your organization does not have an individual on staff with the available time, experience and specialized knowledge required to confidently conduct a successful search, A) Let us find you one or B) Let us conduct the search for you. We use all means available in the process of identifying, attracting and securing the right candidate for the right company.

Direct Recruitment, Networking, Referrals, Direct Database, Data Base Referral, Database as a Recruitment Tool, Focused Postings, Advertising, Industry Databases, Public Databases, Business Networking Tools. Not one single resource will be effective 100% of the time but when used in combination results in a full out all encompassing approach which generates the desired result every time



“Chris is a person whom I have not only come to like, but to trust. A recruitment professional with integrity. Chris is a natural leader who will motivate people and get the job done. I have had the pleasure to know Chris for several years and I would be very comfortable with him handling my recruitment needs.” August 11, 2009

Mike Jelinek, Vice President, P&P China
was a consultant or contractor to Chris at Vital Recruitment Specialists

“I've enlisted Chris to recruit for our organization for the last seven years. I've always had numerous recruiters send their best to compare against. I've hired over a dozen individuals over that time with great results. Chris is a personable, high energy individual motivated to getting the job done right. Chris takes the time to get to know you and your organization to ensure his candidates are the right fit. Not like many others who throw people at you until one sticks. I would recommend Chris to everyone and anyone for your recruiting needs.” August 12, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Kelts Beggs
hired Chris as a Recruiter in 1992, and hired Chris more than once

“It's simple - Chris saved me time and effort during our various recruitment drives. Chris spent the time upfront to understand our needs and, from then on, only ever sent forward candidates that matched our requirements.” August 20, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Stuart Eustace
hired Chris as a Recruiter in 2000, and hired Chris more than once